About Us

Develop The Website and Share Ideas in Today Society.

PutIdea Host is a team of developers, troubleshooters, logical thinkers,A designers, internet marketers; working to  provides High Performance Online Enterprise Solutions , simple yet effective algorithms and Cutting Edge Technologies like PHP, MySql, JavaScript, Microsoft;s .NET platform, SQL Server, XML Technologies & more. Our time to market Solutions & Services help our clients to automate business processes, make more profitable decisions, and accelerate growth.

Enough about PutIdea Host; lets talk about you. Whether you are a retail business owner or a whole-seller, multi-brand product seller, or own godowns, shellers, milling units, manufacturing units, or simply a professional service provider; you need a solution that takes care of the complicated stuff, so you can focus on your core business.

We are always ready to offer technical consultation, at any point of time. Then be it round the clock help, troubleshoot, debug & rectify problems, train / educate, suggest effective ideas, or work into the odd hours of the night to finish our customers high-priority projects.

Support and Develop The Website with Web Marketing!

We have been working as offshore development partners for several companies and have gathered a wealth of experience in how the offshore development should be handled.

The offshore project management has a limitation of communication since the teams are located at distant geographical points thus limiting physical communication. To overcome this and ensure that the delivery of software matches, the expectation some tools and methods as follows can be employed.


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